Midweek Article

Evangelism in the Church


A number of people asked me for the following list following the service on Sunday. Don’t use this list to be critical of yourself or your neighbor but use it to challenge yourself and to challenge your church to be more intentional about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Fifteen Reasons Our Churches Are Less Evangelistic Today

The response was highly informative for me. Here are the top fifteen responses listed in order of frequency:

Columbus Update

Hello from Columbus!

 I can hardly believe that it’s already March! I and the rest of my intern team have gotten into a routine schedule for these last winter weeks. A typical week consists of a few different classes, job responsibilities, team time, and community outreaches.

Standing on the Promises of Christ My King

We have been speaking (on Sunday mornings) on the promises of God for 5 weeks now and I have found myself humming or singing this old hymn numerous times:

Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
Standing on the promises of God.

Standing, standing,
Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
Standing, standing,
I’m standing on the promises of God.

What's In Your Home

I attended a few seminars on the dangers of Rock and Roll music in the late 70’s or early 80’s. At least one of the seminars included playing some of the songs backwards, a technique known as backward masking. When the song was played backwards, there were barely intelligible words that spoke a different message. I remember trying to spin different songs backwards on the turntable to hear what it sounded like backwards. It was a little odd. The idea was that subliminally, you would be hearing things that were unintelligible to the ear but it would affect you both positively and negatively.

What Does a Healthy Church Look Like?

Churches throughout the United States are declining and even closing their doors. Thom Rainer had a blog earlier this year that addressed some of the potential problems and changes that churches need to make or become a statistic. How is Evermore doing in these nine areas?

The blog was titled Urgent Church: Nine Changes We Must Make or Die. An edited version of the blog appears below.

What are some of the key changes churches must make? None of them are easy. Indeed, they are only possible in God’s power. Here are nine of them:

In India with F.E.C.

What an adventure and a whirlwind… The back story… I (Pastor David) was given the opportunity over the summer to join the Missions Board of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) and I will be serving a three-year term. The main responsibility of this board is the oversight of the vision (and implementation of the objectives) for the international ministry initiatives of FEC.  Additionally, we will develop and adjust policies as needed for these initiatives and their supported missionaries.  We also work at evaluating and approving new/potential missionaries for FEC initiatives.  


First, I want to thank you all again for following through on our church’s commitment to providing a periodic sabbatical for its pastors…It truly is a “license to rest”.  It’s strange to admit that it was really difficult to leave the office for 3 months.  You all know how hard it is to prepare for just a week’s vacation… the thought of leaving my post for 3 months caused me some initial stress and anxiety.  But, once I was outside of my routine for a few weeks, I realized how much I was in need of spiritual, emotional and physical rest.  What a blessing…THANK YOU!!!

Take The Time

Parents, how do you spend your mornings? One of my favorite new morning traditions has been having the opportunity to take Nora to pre-school this year on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We start our time out by seeing Momma & Sadie off around 7am and then the Dada & Nora time begins. I prepare breakfast, we eat and then we talk about the RightNow Media video she watched and the spiritual lesson/nugget it presented.

Something Bigger Than Yourself

Recently I had the privilege of going to Idaho on a Black Bear hunt. This was a seed that my friend Jim Frith had planted in me over a year ago. The combination of striking out last year and his passing this past May sealed a desire to return for the opportunity to take a bear. My friend Jimmy Domer presented an amazing opportunity, from a financial standpoint, and so by God’s grace I went.