Midweek Article

What Does a Healthy Church Look Like?

Churches throughout the United States are declining and even closing their doors. Thom Rainer had a blog earlier this year that addressed some of the potential problems and changes that churches need to make or become a statistic. How is Evermore doing in these nine areas?

The blog was titled Urgent Church: Nine Changes We Must Make or Die. An edited version of the blog appears below.

What are some of the key changes churches must make? None of them are easy. Indeed, they are only possible in God’s power. Here are nine of them:

In India with F.E.C.

What an adventure and a whirlwind… The back story… I (Pastor David) was given the opportunity over the summer to join the Missions Board of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) and I will be serving a three-year term. The main responsibility of this board is the oversight of the vision (and implementation of the objectives) for the international ministry initiatives of FEC.  Additionally, we will develop and adjust policies as needed for these initiatives and their supported missionaries.  We also work at evaluating and approving new/potential missionaries for FEC initiatives.  


First, I want to thank you all again for following through on our church’s commitment to providing a periodic sabbatical for its pastors…It truly is a “license to rest”.  It’s strange to admit that it was really difficult to leave the office for 3 months.  You all know how hard it is to prepare for just a week’s vacation… the thought of leaving my post for 3 months caused me some initial stress and anxiety.  But, once I was outside of my routine for a few weeks, I realized how much I was in need of spiritual, emotional and physical rest.  What a blessing…THANK YOU!!!

Take The Time

Parents, how do you spend your mornings? One of my favorite new morning traditions has been having the opportunity to take Nora to pre-school this year on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We start our time out by seeing Momma & Sadie off around 7am and then the Dada & Nora time begins. I prepare breakfast, we eat and then we talk about the RightNow Media video she watched and the spiritual lesson/nugget it presented.

Something Bigger Than Yourself

Recently I had the privilege of going to Idaho on a Black Bear hunt. This was a seed that my friend Jim Frith had planted in me over a year ago. The combination of striking out last year and his passing this past May sealed a desire to return for the opportunity to take a bear. My friend Jimmy Domer presented an amazing opportunity, from a financial standpoint, and so by God’s grace I went.

Lessons from The A.T. Part 3 – I can do this!

It was getting late in the afternoon and we had about 3 miles to go to the shelter.  James stopped to allow us to catch up and as he turned to look at us he yelled BEAR!  As we turned to look, we all realized that a black bear was following us about 25 to 30 yards behind us on the trail.  I am not sure what all went through my mind at that point, but let’s just say that I was tempted to just lay down and tell the bear to start with my bum leg.  I think there was a bit of panic in all of us (except for maybe Rich who was busy snapping pictures with his phone) as we all started yelling and I

Lessons from The A.T. Part 2 – I can do this!

It didn’t take long for me to forget how difficult and grueling it was for me to complete my last experience on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.).  After my last hike I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my experience on the A.T. would be a once and done kind of thing.  But after a while I had forgotten about the blisters and fatigue and I longed to get back on the A.T.

Lessons from the A.T. part one - Keep Your Eyes On The Trail

The Appalachian Trail or as those who have traveled the trail refer it to simply as the A.T. is a marked hiking trail that extends about 2200 miles from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. It is considered the longest hiking only trail in the world with about 2 million people each year doing at least a one-day hike on the A.T. 3,000 people, called “thru-hikers”, hike the entire trail each year. Any others complete sections of the trail throughout their lives to achieve a lifetime thru hike.

Aging Gracefully

Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.  Psalm 71:9 

Aging.  It is something that we all are doing.  We are all getting older. Getting older brings many joys and many challenges.  I saw a sign once that said, “aging isn’t for cowards”.  So true.