Submitted by Evermore on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 8:55am

Who would’ve guessed

That I’d be so blessed?

Narcissists become more relatable,

When all we focus on 

is how unbearable 

Our minor inconveniences can be.


So allow me to shed some light,

To make it easier to see.

Whether it be 

That our post didn’t receive enough likes

To suffice.

Or a friend suddenly doesn’t show interest 

In whatever prideful games we choose to play in next.

Or maybe our peers seem to snap at us,

As if whatever caused them to cuss

Has been building up since the school bus.


For these aren’t dry seasons,

Or more ammo to back up your reasons.

These are called lessons,

Free to us without sessions.

For experience

Motivates perseverance.

And when our strength fails,

Discouragement often trails.



So how about, instead of using our fleshly desires to cope.

We choose to lean on hope.

For when our failure causes tears,

Our faith is what will be left to persevere.


So instead of focusing on what is absent,

We steer our gaze to what is present. 

For anyone can come out of a bad situation,

With a newly found, depressing proclamation.

But it’s those who find the good in life,

Who will continue to thrive.

For life in and of itself is hard,

And our wounds and cuts often leave us scared.

But are we choosing to learn from those marks,

Or do we continue to claim what was never ours?


So answer the following questions,

To end this session.

Do you sleep in a bed?

Do you have a roof over your head?

Have you gotten enough to eat?

Do you have two legs? two arms? two feet?

Do you have enough to make do?

Are you surrounded by those who love you?


If yes is what you most often confessed, then consider yourself blessed.


-Jeremiah Hershberger