Blessing our Pastors

So, I would like to say that what I am about to write about is totally inspired by me.  But to be honest I need to give credit where it is due – it’s all God and a little nudge from the Holy Spirit.  So, let me explain.  Last weekend I had the honor of spending some time with our 4 pastors at the FEC conference.  It is always interesting to spend time away from church and see them in a different environment – this is where we find out what they are really like!  And you know what – they are exactly the same person away from the office as they are in the office. 

What I also have discovered is that they spend a tremendous amount of time (more than 40 hrs. a week) doing what they do.  Being on the board of elders, one of my responsibilities is making sure that they do their job.  This isn’t usually an issue, because we usually worry more about them working too many hours.  So, we do our best at being advocates for them and make sure we they don’t get burned out.  During our trip out to Fort Wayne I heard them talk about how busy this summer has been and based on what I have seen and heard I would agree with them.  Our pastors and spouses faithfully serve and love our congregation.  Our pastors and spouses have followed God’s call on their life to serve the Lord and our church, regardless of the sacrifices they have to make. 

Now back to the point of this rambling – Blessing our Pastors!  As part of our packet for the conference there was a brochure that was titled “Bless Your Pastor” – over 50 creative ways to show God’s Love for your pastor.  What a great idea!  So here are a few of those 50 ideas:

Faithfully Pray – The best way to help your pastor is to faithfully and regularly pray for:

Intimacy with God
Marital love and unity
Spiritual protection
Emotional and physical well-being
Financial provisions
Daily wisdom
Time management
Leadership skills


Let the pastor know how God is specifically using them to bless, help and teach you to follow God.
Remember your pastor’s birthday and anniversary with a card, gift or social media post.
Show appreciation for your pastor’s strengths and give grace in their weaknesses.


Give your pastor’s spouse the freedom to be themselves and to find their own niche at the church.
Let your pastor’s children “be kids”, care about them and pray for them.

Food, Fellowship and Fun

Prepare a meal or baked goods for them
Give your pastor a gift card for restaurants, fast food or coffee shops.
Invite your pastor and family to your home or restaurant for a meal.
If you have a vacation home, timeshare, RV or camping gear, offer to let your pastor use it.
Offer your pastor’s family sports, concert or event tickets.

Freely Share – Share your skills and time to help with any of the following items:

Auto maintenance and repair
Home repairs, maintenance and projects
Decorating or painting
Lawn and garden upkeep

Finances – Faithfully give to your church, so your church pastor can be properly compensated.  Beyond the pastor’s church salary, the Lord may prompt certain individuals to provide personal funding to help with any of the following items:

Bless your pastor offering
Marriage conference or retreat costs
Family or couple’s vacation or getaway
Retirement savings
Medical expenses

I think you all get the idea.  This is just a small list of ideas, but there are many other ways you can be creative and Bless our Pastor’s!  Writing this midweek article allows me to bless them by giving them a break from writing it.  Like I said be creative.  One last note that I need to say – please be prepared to graciously allow our pastors to decline anything that you offer.  Be persistent but also know when to allow them to say “no thanks” and don’t be offended. 

Now go and bless a pastor!