Up Close and Personal

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Up Close and Personal-32 years later….by Lana Turner

Butch Nisly is still the baby of his family.  That hasn’t changed.  However, he has had many life experiences during the last 32 years which have influenced his life.  His parents are no longer living. His mother (Ruth) passed away in 2001 and in 2009 his father (Ralph) remarried a widowed lady (Jan) and was able to enjoy his later years.  His father passed away in 2016.  All of his siblings are still living and are living close by in Lake Township and four of them attend Evermore Community Church which is a blessing.  He recalls his father was very involved in church activities when he was younger and he was an influence on his life.  His father always commented and encouraged him when he was up front in church whether he was making an announcement or leading devotions.

Thirty-six years later, Sue and Butch lead a busy life.  Butch and Sue were youth leaders starting in the fall of 1990 to 2007, with High School, Junior High and College and Career.  Butch also served on the Elder board for 8 years.  They have three children, Ross, Brittany and Dylan. All three kids played sports both at the youth and high school level. They enjoy traveling in the States and camping, most often with family and friends. Typical quiet nights at home don't occur too often but they find quietness in the noise of friends and family. 

Ross (Britt Loadman) and Brittany (Brian Troyer) are married and between them Butch and Sue have five grandchildren.  Dylan is living at home and will be finishing his accounting degree this fall at Kent State University.  Ross says his dad taught him patience in all circumstances.  Dylan says family is important to him.  Butch and Sue have been married 36 years and she is still the love of his life and keeps him on his toes.

What happened to his interest in photography?  He enjoyed photography as a hobby but when it became a job, he was no longer interested.  When the industry changed from film to digital it took more time.  His interests changed and he was raising a family and that took a lot of his time.  He no longer has a dark room or studio.  That was “part of those younger years” he says. His current camera is an iPhone 5s.

Throughout the years Butch worked as a manager in the printing industry with various companies before becoming a chaplain at Community Hospice. He credits what happened when his mom passed away as influencing his time working at hospice.  He was at the hospital with his dad when she passed away and he remembers it was peaceful.  He believes this helped him see death as natural and not a scary thing.  If you are in a right relationship with God, there is sadness, but no fear or wailing.  It was a peaceful experience. 

Sue has been working as secretary/administrative assistant at Evermore Community Church (HMC) for 10 years and now her and Butch work together at Evermore. For the past two and a half years Butch has been the Associate Pastor of congregational care.  Butch was serving on an elder board committee that was set up to look at the specific needs of the church, especially in regards to the new pastoral position that was being considered at Evermore. Nearly three months into serving on that committee, Butch felt impressed to apply for the position that they were studying. He stepped away from his position on the committee and that began the process that eventually resulted in his current position at Evermore. Again, we see God’s wondrous works amongst us.  We are very blessed to continue to have Butch and Sue in our church body and sharing their many talents.