Up Close and Personal - II

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The following article was published in the Midweek Journal on October 25, 1987 by Lana Turner.

“Up Close and Personal”

“Calling Delmar, calling Delmar”.  His parents probably had to do that a lot, because Delmar spent a lot of time operating his Ham radio.  When he was a freshman (1966) he became involved with Ham radio.  His cousin knew he was interested in electronics and told him about this.  Then Rich Krabill, from Beech Mennonite, set up classes and helped Delmar a lot in getting started.  Delmar and his family lived across the streets from the Civil Defense Communications place and so Delmar spent a lot of time there.  He operated nets for health and welfare emergencies.  He also had a “school of cards” for overseas calls.  He talked to a lot of people.  It was very interesting.  Delmar was heavily involved in this for about nine years.  Someday he’d like to have time to do more of that again.

Delmar Eugene Hostetler, was born on October 30, 1951.  He lived in Louisville all his life until he got married.  His parents, Arlene (Erb) and Vincent Hostetler, drove school bus and Delmar remembers that there was usually a school bus around.  His dad was a tinner.  He did furnace work and spouting.  Delmar, being the oldest, and the only boy, with three sisters following, got to help his dad a lot.  It wasn’t a job he really enjoyed, but in looking back, he’s glad for the experience and the knowledge it brought him.  He graduated from Louisville Hight in 1969.  He went to Akron University and majored in Electrical Engineering.  It was a five-year program with one year co-opting (on the job experience).  He co-opted with Ohio Edison.  Delmar graduated from Akron U. on June 9, 1974, and went to work June 10th at Ohio Edison.  He started out as a Nuclear Quality Assurance Engineer.  They were going to open a nuclear power plant, but after five years of hard work on the project, it was dropped.  However, all was not lost.  Delmar helped develop a Quality Assurance (QA) program.  It was a process of writing procedures and policies and auditing that.  It was an overall making sure regulations were correct.  Then he used QA on air quality projects for about two and a half years.  From there, he became the Instrumentation and Control Engineer which is his present position.  He works with a variety of different systems of instruments and controls that are involved with the power plant.  He interfaces with different engineering disciplines, such as vendors, contractors, consultants and a lot of his own people.  Together they design new systems and make old systems more efficient.  I asked Delmar how this affects us, the consumers, in other words, how is what you’re doing helping me?  He said, “he’s helping to keep our electric from rising so fast and to give us the best service for the lowest cost possible”.  It sounds good to me.  So, if your electric bill is going up, you know who to talk to.

A lot of Delmar’s classmates went away to college, so he became involved with the Wayne-Stark Post High Bible Study.  Bonnie Stoll and Barb Yoder, who were also involved in that, invited Delmar to the Hartville Post High study.  Paul Bontrager was teaching at the time at Mosie Gingerich’s.  Bonnie told Margaret (Sommers) that she had to meet this cute guy.  Margaret said she wasn’t impressed when she first saw him.  They finally met at a Bible Study in 1973.  They became good friends.  They did a lot of things together with a group of people.  It took a long time before they really started dating.  They kind of grew on each other.  It wasn’t love at first sight, but they always had fun when they were together.  Finally, four years later, on April 16, 1977, they were married.  Delmar had laryngitis when he proposed, and Margaret said that made her mad, but after all, it was a very romantic evening.  They bought the house they presently live in and since have been blessed with three lovely girls, Carla (8), Lisa (6), and Erika (4).  More girls in Delmar’s life.  But guess what?  Nineteen months ago, they were blessed with a boy!  Delmar was so surprised.  They name him Preston.  “Four is a nice amount of children,” says Margaret. 

Delmar is presently an elder in the church, and has always been active in church.  He’s been a Sunday School teacher, superintendent, MYF sponsor, and on a lot of committees.

Delmar’s main hobby is operating the Ham radio.  He likes tennis, softball, and ping pong when there’s time.  He enjoys his work at church and school.  His favorite food is a good steak, and he likes Chinese and Mexican foods also.  If he had a dream, it was that he always thought it would be neat to be an astronaut.  He’d like to do more traveling and own a computer.  If he could afford it financially, he would like to retire at an early age and do things to help people.

We are blessed to have a person with Delmar’s abilities in our church body.