Columbus Update

Hello from Columbus!

 I can hardly believe that it’s already March! I and the rest of my intern team have gotten into a routine schedule for these last winter weeks. A typical week consists of a few different classes, job responsibilities, team time, and community outreaches.

 On Monday mornings we each take turns leading a Kingdom Come lesson, which is a series that covers a variety of faith topics and questions while focusing on discussing and applying scripture. Monday nights we have life group. One of us will plan something fun to do as a team, which thus far has included things like petting puppies and turning off all the lights in the building and running around playing night games.

We’ve also been taking a public speaking class where we go through a video course one week, and then practice giving speeches of different lengths and topics the next. I have to say this is not my favorite part of our weeks, but it has been helpful and even encouraging to get feedback on strengths that I do have in an area I’m not as comfortable in.

We hold intercession as a team on Wednesday mornings. Lots of time has been spent in prayer for the current REACH teams and for each other as an intern team. Wednesday evenings we host and attend Perspectives, a mission’s worldview class. It’s a long and often tiring three hours but presents a lot of interesting and challenging points in our call as Christians to live missionally. The class has done a lot in aiding my process of figuring out where God may be leading me in the future.

Other weekly happenings include having worship and connections together. Connections is when someone brings a subject for us all to discuss together, such as the violence that’s been showing up in our country, part of their personal reading that stuck out to them, or really any topic to get us talking and sharing our thoughts. We also have a time of debriefing afterwards to talk about the week and different struggles or praises that have come up for us.

On alternating weeks, we will either have a team outreach or meet with our IFI partner. For team outreach, we interns go to a nearby neighborhood and prayer walk for the community and the kids program that takes place there. IFI stands for International Friendships Inc. We each signed up to meet with a conversation partner, usually a student from abroad that is studying at Ohio State University. This is one of my favorite things I’ve participated in since internship started! My partner is a Chinese student and we’ve connected so well. She’s been very interested in hearing about American culture, sharing about each other’s personal experiences, talking and asking questions about Jesus and the Bible, and has even offered to bring me to China for a visit someday J

For my personal outreach, I volunteer with Vineyard Church at their afterschool program. The class I help with, kindergarten through second grade, is the same class I was with during my REACH DTS. It’s been incredibly sweet to reconnect with those kiddos, to be a place of safety and love for them, or even to just take the time to help them pray when they are frustrated with their homework.

There is much excitement looking towards the end of the month. We will be heading to the Power House for a mission’s trip, which is a youth center in Indiana. We’ll be working with teens in need amongst a drug-rampant environment. We’ll also spend time with youth groups; putting together lessons, leading worship, and promoting REACH.

Thank you to those that have supported me and continue to do so. In the area of prayer, I ask that you pray against spiritual warfare, which has been a place of struggle in recent weeks for our team. Whether through anxiety, lack of motivation, or guilt for being away from home, we have felt a little tired out. Other prayer requests are 1.) That I would be given words to speak with my IFI partner 2.) That I would be intentional in seeking out time to rest in God. 3.) For continued bonding and unity as a team of interns as we spend these weeks hosting groups and preparing for different events. 

 With Many Thanks and Much Love,    

Paige Sommers