Endings Make Way for Beginnings

Submitted by Evermore on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 9:13am

Endings Make Way for Beginnings

Hello church!

            Last week my internship at Evermore came to an end. I would like to say how appreciative I am for this experience and for our leadership making it a possibility and allowing me the opportunity. Coming out of a year of more intense and demanding full-time ministry in Columbus, this internship was a very gentle, welcoming and yet still stretching atmosphere. The Father has taught me deeper confidence in the abilities He has given me, shown me the responsibility that is mine to put those abilities to purposeful work, and to trust His hand and provision in it all. I have learned the importance of having a clear vision of the work to do, the diligence and action to build up resources and the genuine attitude of the heart to follow it through well.

As I look to the future of what’s next for me, these are the things I hold onto. I’m currently in the process of discerning and pursuing the desire I’ve had for several years to respond to the call of long-term ministry overseas, where discipleship will be my focus. This is work that will require the same values I’ve developed in the past four months: a clear vision of the work the Lord wants to do; the discipline and courage to take action and the heart of faith and dependence on Christ to complete His work through me, or even in spite of me at times.

A huge thank you goes out to each person who participated or helped in any way during the teacher meals and Love Our Community meals at the park this summer. We served over 230 meals with LOC! Plus, many meals were delivered to those that were unable to be present. Everyone we reached was so grateful. It truly couldn’t have been done without all the time, donations and hard work you invested. I appreciate you, the church appreciates you, and all of the hearts you served appreciate you!

Know that I in no way intend for this to be the end of my time serving and seeking ways to be involved with the church. It is only the start, and the steps forward that I needed to get a clearer vision and to recognize my passions and place in the Kingdom’s body. Your support as the Father leads and directs me has been a huge blessing and encouragement. I continue to ask for your prayers as I prepare for the next season with all its equal parts of uncertainty and excitement!

Much love & many thanks,

- Paige