How Did I Get Here?

Submitted by Evermore on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 2:53pm

How Did I Get Here?”

This past December I interviewed for the position of Children’s Ministry Director, and in January, I was offered the position. On June 2nd I began my work here at the church, but I would like to give you a deeper look into the behind the scenes of how I got here…

I have always had a deep love for children and caring for them. I became “aunt Katie” when I was only seven years old, and have cherished that role ever since. Back in 2016, after graduating high school I decided to dedicate a year to missions.  Through the REACH program, I was placed on a team that would care for children in Ecuador.  While there my main focus was on serving at a safe house for at-risk children (newborn-17) who had been sexually abused. It was a stretching experience to say the least. After my time in Ecuador, I attended Rosedale Bible College where I decided to get my Associates degree. I was unsure as to what my major should be, but decided on Youth Ministry because it “seemed like the best option”.

Last summer I spent three months as an intern here at Evermore. Ross told me that although I would have a wide variety of opportunities, I should pick a focus for my internship. I decided I did not what to do anything involving kids because that’s all I had ever done and I was wanting something new. I was so excited about working within the church I grew up in. I chose to focus on community outreach opportunities. Though these opportunities were present I somehow always geared towards children: helping with VBS, leading VBS at a church plant, and mentoring junior high. My passions were being made evident.

In October 2018, I was back for my second year of school at Rosedale.  My tendencies to plan my own life were wrestling with my desire to let God be in control. I prayed on my commute to campus each day that God would slowly begin revealing to me what should come next. What was I created for? What is this degree in Youth Ministry for? After a few weeks of prayer and listening I felt “Children’s Ministry” come into my thoughts. I was glad for an answer, but left unclear as to what that broad category would mean. Later in the fall, I came home for a school break and noticed that a position for Children’s Ministry had been opened at Evermore. I wondered if this was just a coincidence, or if this was God’s leading. I decided to fill out an application and continue praying. December came and I was scheduled for an interview.

I was told that I would hear an answer within a month. It felt like the longest thirty days of my life. I spent the whole month in a continual state of believing without a doubt this is what God had planned for me BUT also wondering what if it doesn’t work out. Countless hours/days/weeks were spent in prayer, journaling, and crying (literally) to God as I became aware as to how much this really meant to me. I never knew how much of a passion this was within me. How badly I felt called to children’s ministry. How so much of my life has led to this, even though this isn’t at all what I planned for myself. How badly I wanted to pour into and invest in all the kids at Evermore who feel like family, the kids I grew up babysitting, the kids whose parents/grandparents have spent their lives investing in me. Lord, I never even knew I wanted this…

The call came on January 28th, I was offered the Children’s Ministry Director position and of course accepted!

I still continue to stand in pure amazement at the fact that this is something I never would have seen coming, never could have planned. I laugh at all the plans I have made in the past and remain completely blown away by the plans God brings into fruition. God is too good.

Now that you know the details of my story, I ask you to keep me accountable to my calling. I leave you with this promise I wrote just days after receiving the job offer:

“To those at Evermore: I want you to know first and foremost that this will not just be a job to me. I fully and deeply believe that this is my calling and a passion that God has been cultivating within me for years. I desire to invest in your children’s lives. To listen to their questions and encourage them to dig deeper for answers. To view them as kingdom-seekers. To treat them as vital pieces of the church today, not the future. To love them as if they are family. To equip and assist you in molding their hearts after Christ. I promise to fight to keep this passion within me fueled, and not burn out. I dedicate myself to seeking the Lord’s will for this ministry, for the teachers, and your kids.”

THANK YOU! to Jesus for shaping my heart, to my church-body for recognizing my passion, and to all those who have invested in me to get where I am today.

How did I get here? Our good Father’s guidance and the support by each of you!

-Katie Schrock