Stepping into a New Season

Submitted by Evermore on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 9:00am
Stepping into a New Season

A little about what the past few years have consisted of for me:

In 2016, I participated in the REACH program with Rosedale Mennonite Missions. This entailed three months of training where I was planted right in the center of a community of people that were simultaneously focused on spiritual growth, authentic connection, and ready or not were committed to a season of living on mission in a very hands-on and immersive way. My knowledge, understanding, awareness and passion for topics like The Holy Spirit, The Gospel of Wholeness, Spiritual Warfare, Worldview, Evangelism, and three months worth of others increased in an incredibly real, life-changing way. The inner healing and such rich friendships that we all received within that community is something I will forever cherish. 

After those three months, my team of six lived in the vibrant city of Bangkok Thailand. Through teaching at a temple school to sitting with women entrapped in the trafficking industry, to newfound Thai friends that opened up about their country and experiences, my heart for serving, relationships and ministry reached new depths. 

For the entirety of last year, I was interning with SEND Ministries (connected to the REACH program) in Columbus as the Administrative Assistant Intern. Myself and six other interns lived together and had varying responsibilities both specific to our titles and collectively as a team unit. These included hosting groups anywhere from 5-70 people during the winter months, giving leadership to youth groups during City Challenge in the summer, providing support to the REACHers who came for training in the fall, along with a list of other things like team/individual outreaches, leading and participating in weekly bible studies and prayer times, and so much more. Having a year of being in ministry full-time pretty consistently was equal parts challenging and rewarding. The year was the perfect introduction to what ministry here in the states can look like. It taught me so much about the Lord's heart and how I can share in it.

That brings me to now, a fresh new season. I know to be effective in my discipleship, I must be rooted in good faith and live in active response to that faith. As I take on an internship here at the church, I'm looking to receive a more practical approach to what giving myself in servanthood can look like so that I'm confident and prepared when Christ should ask me to take another leap. And what better place to start than my own home community?

As an intern, I'm looking forward to the opportunities I'll have to continue the growth in leadership that has already been at work in me in these past years, to find more connection within the church, and to put focus and dedication on serving the community however I can. My main project currently is coordinating school meals for all of the teachers in our community. Other tasks I'll have a part in include helping with VBS, working with Hartville Migrant Ministry, GentleBrook bible studies, and various other things the pastors will have me pick up. I'll also be starting some courses in the summer as I study Human and Social Services at Kent State. I aim to deepen and widen my awareness and fruitfulness of the giftings and passions God has revealed in me over these previous seasons of my life. 

Transitioning between seasons in life can be difficult and messy, this is something I've learned well over the course of the past three years. But God has faithfully led me through all of them and I'm so genuinely excited to see all the ways He uses my experiences to guide me through this new one, and how this season will enrich me for whatever may come next as I follow His call for me. Thank you to everyone that has supported me during my time spent with RMM, those years have left me more deeply in love with the heart of the Father. And thank you for being a community that provides me the opportunity to explore my purpose in ministry. I am so grateful, and I ask for your prayers as I continue to seek His wisdom, grace and direction. 

-Paige Sommers