Summer Whirlwind of Opportunities

This past week a group of six young adults accompanied by Harold & Dave traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to lead a VBS for River City Church plant. As part of my role as intern this summer at our church, I was in charge of planning/organizing all things associated with the VBS. Planning the bible story lessons, figuring out crafts that would be fun but not too excessive, thinking of games for all ages, learning new songs & of course picking snacks. The beforehand work of the VBS was more than I had expected, and gave me a new appreciation for those who plan our church’s VBS.

We headed out to Pittsburgh on Monday and had our first VBS that evening. None of us were sure how many kids to expect or really what to expect at all. Our very first night a woman brought her two children, she wasn’t a part of the church body but knew the pastor. We later found out that she wasn’t a believer, but while her kids were traveling to the different stations of the evening she was having conversation with pastor Eric. That evening, (our first night) she was led to Christ and continued to bring her children back throughout the Evermore Community Church MIDWEEK JOURNAL 2 week. The VBS ran from Monday through Thursday with a free block party on Friday.

Each night began by having the whole group together for some songs then we would split them into groups as they traveled to story, crafts, games, or snack. My role for the week was teaching the bible story, which I was slightly intimidated by at first, but God quickly washed that away. Teaching the lessons was such a humbling experience and I gained so much from the bold answers that the kids would give. We learned about the lost sheep, when Lazarus was resurrected, when Thomas believed by sight and John’s writing about Jesus’ love. These kids ranging in age from 4-10 gave such insight that I was blown away, they asked thoughtful questions and they had a genuine desire to know the Truth. 

Watching the rest of our team jump into anything that was thrown their way made me proud to be serving in a leadership position. Coming up with motions to our songs, walking the city streets inviting kids to come, running on little sleep (by their own choice) and the lack of complaining was phenomenal. This week confirmed for me that God is calling me into youth ministry of some sort and made me even more confident in getting my degree from Rosedale. I don’t know where God will take me in this life, but I am becoming more and more content to lay it all in His hands. 

This summer internship has taught me more than I ever would have imagined. People often ask me, “what do you do as an intern at the church?” My answer is usually, “a little bit of everything!” The experience this summer gave me is worth far greater than anything else I could have chosen to do with my time. I coordinated two weeks of the Love Our Community meals, helped the Migrant Center prepare their toiletry packs, co-lead a VBS tribe at our church, chaperoned the Ambassadors trip to ALIVE, went on hospital visits, attended Cabinet and Elders meetings, covered Sue’s secretary duties on Fridays and lastly lead the VBS in Pittsburgh. When I was first approved to be an intern, Ross asked me to write 3 out my vision. I included three main points; mentoring young adults, being involved in community outreach and strengthening my leadership skills. I can honestly say I feel that all those areas were stretched and accomplished. It has been the craziest whirlwind of a summer I have ever had, but was abundantly rich in opportunities that I wouldn’t trade. I would strongly encourage young adults interested in ministry & the behind-the-scenes aspect of the church to consider interning for the summer (or longer). Thank you to our entire congregation for the overwhelming support I have felt over the years and the constant encouragement in my ministry efforts, it is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to my next step coming up in September. I will be moving back down to Columbus, studying Youth Ministry part time at Rosedale Bible College and interning for nine months with Victory Ministries. For more information on that you can read my support letter that should have been in your church mailbox, or you can find extra copies at the mission’s board.