"Thank You" from our Partners Around the World

Submitted by Evermore on Fri, 07/10/2020 - 8:51am

We have asked the Church (you, the body of Christ) over the last few months to participate with our workers around the world to help meet some immediate needs due to COVID-19. You have answered in such generous ways and we want to pass along the THANK YOU’s and also share some photos to let you see where your donation landed. 

First, a “thank you” from the Blocks for Haiti ministry. Gerard has worked diligently in Haiti to receive donations and purchase essential food for the neediest of our friends in Haiti. He also provided the ministry with a detailed list of the families that received your assistance...All to the Glory of God!!!

Gerard said specifically, “Thank you Blocks for Haiti, thank you Evermore Church and thank you to my friends from everywhere in the states that made that possible.”

Second, we also received a request for help from our workers in SE Asia. With the funds you donated, Eric and his team were able to supply much needed assistance at a very crucial time. He was also delighted to share that this blessing from Christians went along with THE GOOD NEWS to many who don’t know Christ. Many doors were opened because of your faithfulness and the faithful testimony of our brothers and sisters in Christ that distributed the food.

Lastly, from India, Pastor Peter said, “We also reached the unreached people in a few villages with the love of Christ and provided a few essential commodities for their living during the COVID-19.” 

He also said, “Yesterday we had our board meeting.  The construction work of the Dormitory and Dinning facility is in full progress and likely to be completed by the end of August.  We just want to keep the facility ready to be declared open for the glory of God during the first week of September. We thank you and we are always grateful to you for standing with us in praying and supporting the work of God in India.”

I ask you to continue praying for our workers and their ministries. I also ask you to continue in your generosity. Together, we can meet the spiritual and physical needs of many... ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!!

Bless you all,

~Pastor David