Submitted by Evermore on Sat, 10/19/2019 - 7:51am


By Yvonne Howell

Why a “Quilt Project”?

  • Quilting has long been a part of the heritage of our church
  • Quilts can be an “object lesson” that relates to the Body of Christ/the church

Fun Facts About the Project

  • How many quilt squares are there?
    • There are 93 different paper quilt squares in the project
    • 92 different families participated
    • 1 family did 2 quilt squares
  • Time to complete the project
    • The pastors and Yvonne/Bob met together in January 2019 for initial discussions about the project
    • After that the project took 8 months to complete
    • Many days Yvonne worked at least 8 hours on it
  • About the materials in the project
    • 23k gold leaf on the capital letter of the banner and small amounts elsewhere
    • All of the paint is watercolor
      • Some of the watercolor paint is made from ground semi-precious gemstones

Hands for Missions Team Involvement

    • The Hands for Missions Team meets once a month for sewing, quilting, fellowship and devotions.